Split Akûma​/​Weedsnake

by Akuma/Weedsnake



released July 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Akûma/Weedsnake Split Mexico

Akûma/Morelia Mx
Weedsnake/ México D.F.

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Track Name: Weedsnake - Insight
On the edge of dementia
Always finding a way out
Audacious and lucid
We escaped the social norm.

Exploring our minds
In order to perceive
Whats beyond sight,
Our deepest secrets

I look within
Trusting my insight
I let my mind
Flow in the stream

Dreams they turn real,
If we have the will to conquer
We must live in the now!
Make some progress!

We are transforming
Shedding our skins
Our nature is revealed!

Taking our power back
Reaching inside expelling all the poison out!

Mirror was all I saw
Its easy to fall in the abyss.
Track Name: Akûma - Aphasia Universal
Figures of old dead gods
Efigies of the lost
Silence is the voice of universal awareness
And death is just the transition of matter

There's no comfort nor in heaven nor in earth
All life ends and a thousand Stars are shining
Man is the universe parasite
A tired god of its sons, rewards them with trepidation and solitude
lost children walk towards the thrones of the death

Life is the sacrifice of the Stars
And in return we gave them ashes
The incapabilities of our senses are the incapabilities of our spirit

The sole purpose of god is death
We’re his dream
We’ve won life
Now we can’t hear the universal voices
We are our last enemy

Our mother will never forgive us
Slenderly, she prepares us such delicate horrors for our last days
It must befall
Track Name: Weedsnake - Freedoom
Jaded, we strive to make a change
Fading, mortal lives are nothing but a blink.

Is this it?
How far can we go?
Before its too late.

Enslaved we perish ,
The masses feed the machine
Unless we decide to join with the earth!

We are the ones that carry the weight!
If we play their fucking game!
Now we need to awaken
It's time to make a change!

Right Now!
Know yourself!
Right Now!

Let's free our minds
from the lies they say!
Never followed them anyway.
We're fucking doomed if we follow their rules;
Instead, lets always do what we want!